A Guide to Notmanos' Original Characters (OC)


From the stories “Dust and Ashes”  to  “Schism
WARNING:  May contain spoilers!

Bowing to some requests, I’ve created this list - with small character bios - of recurring characters who have showed up in my Logan/Angel-verse stories. They’re in no particular order, although I have tried to work from oldest to newest. All pre-existing Angel, Buffy and X-Men characters I’ve left out, because you probably already know who they are.  (My story Non Zero Possibility is not on this list, because no recurring original characters were introduced there.)


Naomi Deschanel, “Electra” - A mutant with power over electricity (she can channel it and use it in a variety of ways), she was coveted by the Organization, who used Shrike to try and recruit her through telepathic futzing, implanting false memories that also included Shrike and Logan. When Shrike used telepathic manipulation to try and kill Logan, Naomi killed Shrike with a fatal discharge of electricity. She and Logan pursued a relationship while they went after her strangely forgotten sister, Madalyn, who they thought was a captive of the Organization. It would turn out she was a mutant codenamed Lethe, with the ability to wipe out a person’s entire memory - a power she had used on Logan in the past. Not only that, but she was in the Organization willingly, and thought Naomi should join her, so they could eventually take over the Organization for their own ends. To prevent Madalyn from wiping Logan‘s memory once more, Naomi killed Madalyn, but not before Mad! dy erased the last ten years of her life - including her relationship with Logan. He felt tremendous guillt over her memory loss, and felt distancing himself from her was for her own good. Xavier set her up with work in one of his labs as she recovered, but boredom drove her to Los Angeles, where she now works with Angel. She recently started a relationship with Bob, but it‘s continuance is uncertain. (First appearance: “Dust and Ashes”.)


David Reeves, “Shrike” - A mutant who was a telepath with a low level healing ability, he was apparently one of the first “Weapon X” experiments, but the experiments stopped when it was proved his healing ability just wasn’t up to the task of a full modification, leaving him with a single adamantium claw in each hand. Mentally unstable even before the experiments, he was driven over the deep end afterwards, and Logan’s ability to take the adamantium left him nursing a healthy grudge against him. An apparent tormentor and mind wiper of Logan when he was in the Organization, the full nature of their relationship isn’t quite clear, although Shrike seemed to be loyal to the Organization only so he could be cruel to Logan (as well as other mutants), usually through telepathic manipulation. He was electrocuted by Naomi. (First appearance: “Dust and Ashes”.)

Marcus Drury, “Scorpion” - A mutant with infrared vision, enhanced strength, and poison glands beneath his fingernails (a short exposure cause temporary paralysis; longer exposure causes almost instantaneous death), Shrike also tried to bring him into the Organization, but failed. An Army brat, he was able to escape the Organization initially through connections by his parents, and using some of those same said connections, has managed to keep tabs on the “mainstream” military. He works as a mercenary, mostly in the lucrative market of industrial espionage, but he also has a personal vendetta against the Organization which has led him to destroy many of their bases. He has a arsenal that seems to rival that of a war like Third World country, a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from UCLA, and an odd hobby in taking photos of odd, ugly, or unfathomable statuary. He’s Logan’s closest friend, although Marcus’s open bisexuality has left some to question whether his feel! ings for Logan are more than platonic. He has occasionally helped out the X-Men at Logan’s request, but he’s generally not liked by the others for his flippant attitude and propensity for violence. (First appearance: “Dust and Ashes”.)


Enigma - A “personality modifier” (brainwasher) for the Organization, she was actually a demon who passed herself off as a mutant, and helped break down and reshape Logan’s mind and personality through biochemical, physical, and psychic means. When the Organization tried to make her a scapegoat for a failed mission, she used Logan to help her destroy her lab and kill Vector, and was seemingly killed herself in the process. But it was discovered a fragment of her still existed in Logan’s mind, a kind of mental parasite. Bob isolated her energy inside Logan’s mind and destroyed it. (First appearance: “Darkness Visible”.)


Vector - A high ranking member of the Organization, he oversaw Logan’s “mental conditioning” in the beginning, but when he tried to set up Enigma for a fall, she killed him. (First appearance: “Darkness Visible”.)


Overseer - Apparently the head of the Organization before Control, he saw Logan as an expensive asset too valuable to lose. He was killed by Enigma in the explosion of her lab. (First appearance: “Darkness Visible”.)


Lucretia Huffman, “Omen” - A telepath with psionic tendencies employed by the Organization, she worked with her father Erasmus (who was an empath) to try and access the sliver of Enigma’s energy within Logan’s mind, assuming it had all her memories of the Organization and her secret plan to rid the world of the “Human problem“. Stopped by Bob, he also implanted doubts about the Organization in her mind. She went on the run, and hasn’t been seen since. (First appearance: “Waking Up Falling”.)


“Maximum” Bob Oberon - An old Belial demon generally referred to as the “King of all Belials” for his longevity and powers, a “supernatural” arms dealer and owner of the L.A. demon bar The Way Station, he was eventually revealed to be what some demons called the “Drai’shajan”: supposedly the mythological “Fallen One” of the Powers That Be, a form of god like multi-dimensional energy beings who keep an eye on the Earth plane. He was “imprisoned” in Belial form and put on Earth sans powers and without his memories back in 1800’s England, where his rebellious ways eventually got him arrested and sent to the brand new penal colony of Botany Bay. In Australia, he discovered his true nature and began slowly reacquiring his powers. What he did to be banished from the PTB realm is unclear, but Bob appears to have a rebellious streak no matter what form he’s in, and he’s disparagingly referred to by other gods as the “patron saint of misfits”; most other gods appear to regard him as an annoyance, although several hate him and have an outright grudge against him. He
has been married numerous times - to fellow demons, at least one mutant, and several goddesses - and has an almost ludicrous amount of children, grandchildren, great-grand children, et al. He’s had to kill at least one son, a powerful hybrid god who wanted to bring about the end of the world. After a body switching incident, Logan became his avatar (the physical vessel of a god’s energy on the Earth plane - normally not some a Human can handle), and only when Bob is gone or severely incapacitated has this effected Logan in any way, although it does seem to give them a disturbingly (to Logan anyways) intimate connection. His powers are essentially the ability to change reality simply by speaking, and almost all minds are open to him (the exception seems to be Ressiks and Freniks, demons specifically created to kill gods). He’s known to break into song at inappropriate times a! nd wear odd t-shirts, with a special affinity for leather pants. He ha s helped out the X-Men on occasion, but his god status leaves some of them a little queasy, and his natural gift for obfuscation has left a trust an open question with nearly everyone he‘s ever dealt with, including Logan. He’s been in a long relationship with Helga, co-owner of The Way Station, but since she’s polygamous their relationship has been open, and very recently he had a fling with Naomi, which upset Logan. Whether the relationship will continue or not is unknown. He’s admitted being known by other names in mythology, but has only copped to two: Kama, the god of love in the Hindu pantheon, and Awha, the Maori god of storms. Also named an honorary wizard by the Spellcaster’s Union of Melbourne. (First appearance: “Waking Up Falling”.)

Control - The Human head of the Organization for some time, a colleague of Stryker’s, with a special dislike of Logan and a fellow Weapon X operative named Timebomb (whom he had killed). He attempted several times to pull Logan back into the fold, to no avail, and was behind Scott‘s brainwashing into the Organization. When he got wind of Bob’s abilities, he tried to determine the nature of him, and attempted to cut a deal with him so he wouldn’t interfere, and when that failed tried to kill him. He was killed by Bob. (First appearance: “Waking Up Falling”.)


Helga, “Helga the Headhunter” - A naturally polygamous Stansin demon, she’s Bob’s current girlfriend (although she prefers cruder terms such as ‘fuck buddy”), and while Bob owns the Way Station, it’s generally considered “her” bar, which she runs with an iron fist. Her family was killed when she was young, leading to her adoption by a family that was one of the leading demon crime families in New York; it was through them she was trained to be an assassin for the demon mob, and earned her “Headhunter” nickname. Sexually voracious and aggressive, she has an on again/off again relationship with Logan and - physically aggressive - she’s known for her frightening fighting abilities, having no problem killing people or demons she feels deserve it. She apparently owns her own flamethrower, which she isn’t afraid to use. (First appearance: “Waking Up Falling”.)


Colonel Gene Harris - One of the Organization’s Human military officers, he saw Logan as a type of attack dog, not so much Human as a trained animal. Encountering Bob in Death Valley, Bob wiped his mind of the entire incident, but he was there when Bob and Jean went to rescue Scott from the Organization. This time Bob told Harris he would believe he was a man named Thomas Jones, a petty thief on the run from the law, who would settle in New Jersey under a pseudonym and become a barber. Presumably he did. (First appearance: “Waking Up Falling”.)


Lia - One of Bob’s many kids, she’s a demi-god with a very short temper and little tolerance for anyone. She’s a bartender at the Way Station, famous for her barbed comments. She doesn’t seem to like Logan or Angel very much. (First appearance: “The Blood of Others”.)


Moira - A vampire in the Seventh Circle club, who fled before Bob, Logan, Scott, Helga and Rogue destroyed it, she would get her revenge by helping Organization agents capture Scott. Bob, in the guise of Logan, lured her into a trap to get her to admit what she did, then told her she was dust. (First appearance: “The Blood of Others”.)


Mariko Yashida - (There is a comic book character of this name, but mine is so different from that one I decided to include her here.) The daughter of the Yakuza based crime family the Yashidas, she had a good business head on her shoulders (and a healthy disdain for her family’s way of life), but felt bound to them through some sense of familial loyalty, especially after he mother was killed and her father severely crippled by a car bombing organized by a rival crime family the Takabes. Since their father was so badly injured by the bombing - he required round the clock medical care - leadership of the family fell to the irresponsible, hedonistic Ryuichi a/k/a Ryan, her brother, who didn’t actually want the responsibility. It was his idea to amp up their personal security by hiring the gaijin protégé of one of the last surviving samurai - Logan - who took the job partially out of boredom, as well as because of an instant attraction to Mariko.! He and Mariko became involved and eventually married, in spite of in family objections to her marrying a foreigner, not to mention her bodyguard; Logan took on the last name Yashida to show his solidarity. Once Ryan was killed, Mariko took over the family, backed by Logan, and tried to turn it legitimate, much to the disgust of the rest of the family. Her Uncle Hachiro, who felt he should be the leader of the family by right, found evidence that proved Logan was a mutant - something highly stigmatized in Japanese society at the time - and presented it to his brother Kyoshi, Mariko’s father. Kyoshi gave the order to kill her to remove her from the head of the family. He saw to it that both Mariko and Logan were given lethal doses of a painful weaponized toxin, but Logan survived his dose. Mariko was not so lucky, and in hideous pain, she asked Logan to kill her. He did by popping his claws through her heart, but he then suffered a psychotic break, during which he wiped out ! all of the Yashida family and all but one of the Takabe family ( Dayu “Haido” Takabe was disfigured but survived - eventually he would come after Logan, only to have Bob convince him he was a devout Buddhist, sending him into meditation and self-imposed poverty for the rest of his days), who collaborated on Mariko’s assassination. This incident would come to be known as “Bloody Friday” for those that watched the Yakuza. Logan has no memories of killing Mariko, or anything that occurred after; in fact, he has very few scattered memories of Mariko herself, although she does haunt him like no one else, to the point that he finds it impossible to actually talk about her to other people (besides Bob, who forced the issue). (First appearance by name: “Mononoke”)

Lau - A rather large Samoan man of very few words, he was a bodyguard and enforcer at Haido Takabe’s illegal gambling den in Santa Monica, but Bob took a shine to him, and he is now a bartender at the Way Station, the only full Human to ever hold that position. He’s so big and intimidating, no demon dares bother him. (First appearance: “Mononoke”)


The Weird Sisters, a/k/a Beatrice and Belinda - An usual human/vampire/Kral demon hybrid, their black magician father blackmailed Angelus into changing one of his dying sixteen year old daughters (Belinda) after Angelus killed their mother. He did, and Belinda changed her twin sister Beatrice, who was also dying of tuberculosis. Together, they killed their father, and became a part of Angelus’s extended “family” (which included Darla, Spike, and Drusilla), until tensions between the Sisters and Spike and Dru split them up (the Sisters beat the shit out of Spike after he made an untoward comment to them), and the Sisters went their own way. Telepathically connected, they finish each other’s sentences and perfectly mimic each others’ movements, and are famous among fellow demons for ripping opponent’s arms off. Even other demons are afraid of them, believing them to be mentally unstable as well as vicious. Odd eyed and with a taste for weird clothing, they are! queerly loyal to Bob, whom they seem to adore - and some have speculated that he mentally “pushed” them to do so. Much to his continuing horror, they seem to like Logan, and enjoy taunting Angel, who considers them one of his more monstrous creations. Only Bob and Angel seem able to tell Beatrice from Belinda. (First appearance: “Shattered“)


Amaranth - Bob’s punky granddaughter, a blue haired witch who’s also a demi-god, she has a bad attitude reminiscent of her relative Lia, and shares her general dislike for Logan. But she’s an experienced, powerful spellcaster who has helped out on occasion, and is clearly a favorite of Bob’s, to whom she is very close. (First appearance: “Shattered“)


Srina Adar “Nightshade” - A mutant with the ability to cloud minds so people think she’s invisible, she’s a thief who makes money marketing her services to specialized clientele who procure her to steal antiquities and other expensive items. She was also briefly Logan’s girlfriend when he was working for the Organization, and on assignment to kill a rogue agent who was killing his way through the Organization ‘s English branch. According to Org rules, he was supposed to kill her or bring her in because she discovered what he did, but he lied to them, claiming the rogue agent killed her. They did try and continue their relationship once they met again, but it didn’t work out, as Srina realized she couldn’t quite adapt to Logan’s dangerous lifestyle. They’re still friends. (First appearance: “Blindside“)

Ruby Von Allmen - A Watcher forced into early retirement after being afflicted on the job with lycanthropy, she worked at MI-5 for an unspecified period of time, and has the unusual distinction of being a friend of both Bob’s and Giles’. Prickly and brusque, it’s all the more amazing because she doesn’t make friends easily, nor does she appear to want them. She knows Logan was an assassin and resents him for it, but has still helped him out - reluctantly - on occasion. (First appearance: “Blindside“)


Elena Brannon - A genetic scientist who took part in a corporation sponsored experiment to create mutant super solders, she went on the run with one, Alexis, when the experiment was closed and they started killing off the kids. She raised Alex as her daughter while she could, always on the run with her, but was eventually felled by a mysterious illness that left her vulnerable. Trying to find mutants that could protect Alex from the hit squad, she encountered Logan, and he attacked the “soldiers” after them assuming they were Organization. He helped her get Alex to a safe haven in Alaska, but not before Elena killed herself to prevent Eden Biotechnics from tracing Alex and Logan. Although they weren’t together for long, Elena was the first woman Logan felt any kind of emotional connection to since waking up outside Alkali Lake. Years later, Alex - now a police officer in Juneau, and a “closet” mutant - contacted him, and they went after Eden Biotechnics, wh! o had created a new version of what were called “Eden kids”. Logan took the freed kids back to the mansion; Bob went and supposedly “bought” the rest custom made for the king of Rhajan, brought them to the mansion, and then destroyed Eden Biotechnics through financial means, guaranteeing they‘d never be in any position to engineer soldiers again. (First appearance: “Weapons of Choice” )


Old Ones - Demonic gods that ruled the Earth before Humans, they’re vicious, tentacled things that can rarely breach this dimension anymore, but when they do, they cause almost instant insanity in anyone in their immediate vicinity. They really hate Bob. (First appearance: “Army Of The Night”)


Nariko Hatae, Alchemy - A mutant capable of altering the physical make up of anything she touches, she was brought to the mansion by Scott and Logan, who also saved her from a Yakuza attack meant to punish her debt ridden father. (First appearance: “Army Of The Night”)


Luke - Another granddaughter of Bob’s, she lives under an art gallery and works as an information broker. Northumbrian and proud of it. (First appearance: “Schism”)