A Guide to Notmanos' Original Characters (OC)


From the stories “Waking The Dead”  to  “The Falling Sky
WARNING:  May contain spoilers!

Bowing to some requests, I’ve created this list - with small character bios - of recurring characters who have showed up in my Logan/Angel-verse stories. They’re
in no particular order, although I have tried to work from oldest to newest.  All pre-existing Angel, Buffy and X-Men characters I’ve left out, because you probably already know who they are.

Brendan Chambers, “Demon” - Half Brachen demon, his Human half is mutant, although his sole mutation seems to be a perfectly eidetic memory, allowing him to recall everything with perfect detail. His Brachen form gives him strength and durability above a normal Human, though, as well as thick blue-green skin and red spikes; his eyes are always crimson. The only child of a troubled mother (he never knew  his demon father) who was arrested and jailed on drug charges when he was a child, he’s been in and out of the foster care system, and has spent at least a couple of years living on the street. He was abused by at least one foster parent, but doesn’t talk about his past too much as it’s clearly too painful, and is estranged from his mother (who recently committed suicide in prison). He came to the mansion with Matthew Parker (Breaker), his slightly spoiled mutant boyfriend. They had a tempestuous relationship that took a tragic turn, as the night Brendan broke up with him,  Matt was killed by a vampire and resurrected as one. The death shook Brendan up, and eventually he decided to travel to Los Angeles and get some revenge by turning himself into a self-styled vampire hunter. After nearly getting himself killed, he decided there was more safety in numbers, and now works with Angel. At one point, Brendan was a favorite of Scott’s, although the pressure scared Brendan, and he’s had a bit of a crush on Logan, which hasn’t quite gone away. He’s friends with Rags and a member of The Church of The Stone Temple, where Rags is the Hierophant (high priest); they worship the Gorgons. (First appearance: “Waking The Dead” )


Matthew Parker, “Breaker” - A vain and handsome wannabe actor/model from an upper middle class home, he was a mutant with the ability to break all molecular bonds with his hands. He took up with Brendan Chambers (Demon), mainly because Brendan’s street smarts helped keep them alive once they ran away from home, and they both ended up at the mansion once they came to New York. A bit of a discipline problem, he was killed and resurrected by a vampire who wanted to take advantage of his breaking ability. In vampire form, he was dusted by Wesley . (First appearance: “Waking The Dead” )


Sunshine Novotny, “Alter” - A child of Canadian hippies, s/he spent the first eight years of his/her life in a yurt. His/her mutant ability is simply the ability to switch from a man to a woman and vice versa, which he/she feels is incredibly lame and rather useless. Brought back to the mansion by Logan, Sunshine always has silver-grey eyes, and it’s unclear if he/she was born male or female first. A big fan of Spongebob Squarepants. (First appearance: “Waking The Dead” )


Camaxtli - The Aztec god of war, fate, and fire, he apparently owed Bob some kind of favor, and paid it off by helping him re-imprison Fenrir, Loki’s vengeful, psychotic son. But Camaxtli was exposed to the X-Men while putting them under his protection, and discovered Jean, whom he eventually turned into his avatar. When Camaxtli turned on Bob and the other gods, he was killed by Eris, but his energy went straight to Jean. It was tainted by him and overwhelmed Jean, who became a very different person, and a very powerful - if unstable - demi-god. After attempts to kill Bob and the bringing of Kali back to the Earthly realm, the Powers That Be eventually intervened and obliterated Camaxtli’s energy entirely, also erasing everyone’s memory of the Jean/Camaxtli hybrid. (Although Logan, thanks to Bob and his recollection of the events, remembers it all.) It’s not certain what the PTBs did with Jean. (First appearance: “Waking The Dead” )


Genesha - One of the most well known and popular gods in the Hindu pantheon, Ganesha is the elephant headed god of luck and wisdom, the “remover of obstacles“. According to Bob, his good friend, he has the ability to stop entropy a fair distance around him - this also neutralizes the powers of all chaos gods. (Such as Loki.) Often mentioned by Bob and playing a part in a couple of different stories, he has never been physically seen. He does seem to like the swimming pool at Bob’s Sydney home, though, and rumor has it he has a mild odor. Powerful enough that a charm or fetish blessed by him has a significant amount of entropy removal and protection. (First major story appearance: “Waking The Dead” )


Sloane, “Static” - A mutant with the ability to project a “static” field that interrupted all forms of electronic communication as well as telepaths and telekinetics, she was Logan’s frequent partner when he was a Weapon X operative, and an occasional lover. She seemed to work for the Organization voluntarily, and knew about some of the telepathic reprogramming of Logan, but why she didn’t try to intervene or even care all that much was never clear. Killed by an explosive implant when she went “rogue” and took a computer disc full of information on the “Sleeper” project to Logan, hoping he’d be able to shut it down. With Bob’s help, he did. An Irishwoman with a special hatred for Shrike, she eventually stopped fooling around with Logan and took up with Control; she looked enough like Jean that Logan wondered how much of his attraction to Jean is based on it. The Organization used genetic material from both her and Logan to create at least one mutant with their combined  powers, Leonie, although she was killed shortly after Logan became aware of her. Static probably never knew. (First appearance: “Sleepers”)

Adam Kreeger, “Reaper” - A mutant with the ability to project what was essentially a “death ray” from his eyes, he was one of the Weapon X operatives that occasionally worked with Logan, eventually moving to a senior position within the Organization. He was apparently “infiltrated” by Vasely Petrovich, a mutant capable of surviving in a neuronal cluster form (one that Logan had apparently saved from captivity while a member of the Organization), and who intended to take over thousands of other mutants as part of the “Sleeper” program. Bob turned Vasely and his Reaper host into a normal Human, much to his horror. He was killed by the mutant codenamed Spike after the Organization discovered the true nature of the Sleeper program. (First appearance: “Sleepers”)


Sanjay Dhaliwal, “Spike” - A mutant with the Weapon X program who had dozens upon dozens of bony spikes protruding from his skin in his mutant form, he spent a couple of years as the assistant to Reaper, unaware that he was being controlled by yet another mutant. When Reaper became Human and the Organization discovered his duplicity, Spike killed him. Later he went rogue, but it was really only to get revenge on Logan, who he felt had ruined their best laid plans. When Spike betrayed him and tried to kill him, Xia killed him by putting her fist through his chest. (First appearance: “Sleepers”)


Candace, “Delirium “- A mutant telepath, she is more than a little nuts, but in a less psychotic way than Shrike. She works for Weapon X, but when she attempted to brainwash Logan on Reaper’s orders, she was overpowered telepathically by Xavier. When she later tried to reprogram him on Home Front‘s orders, she was killed by Jean/Camaxtli. (First appearance: “Sleepers”)


Duncan Langois, “Ballistic” - A mutant who shoots concussive blasts from his hands, in his first appearance he was part of the strike team sent by Reaper to contain Logan and Marcus, but wasn’t named in his first appearance. Not the brightest guy in the world, he was good muscle, and usually teamed up with the far smarter and more brutal Titan.He was put up for Weapon X but was ultimately considered not good enough. In his last appearance, Kitty phased his arm through a tree, which trapped him. It’s unclear if he escaped or survived the fire that engulfed the rest of the island. (First appearance: “Sleepers”)


Eris - The Greek goddess of discord and strife, she is apparently one of the most powerful gods in existence and a member of something called “the elite”, some kind of upper pantheon of gods. She is cold and disdainful of most lessers (Humans) and fellow gods, and has a rather rocky relationship with Bob. He considers her one of the more ruder gods. She killed Camaxtli, sending his energy into Jean. (First appearance: “Fearless”)


Osiris - The Egyptian god of the Underworld, he has a grudge against Bob that has never been specified, but he has tried to sabotage him in many different - and sometimes lethal - ways. He worked with Jean/Camaxtli to free Kali, and set things up to kill Logan, Bob’s avatar. Since he’s a death god and can’t technically die, Bob threatened to come back and obliterate his physical form several times in rapid succession simply to inconvenience and annoy him. Osiris seems to have backed off for now. (First appearance: “Fearless”)


Degei - A Fijian serpent god as well as judge of the dead, he’s a god whose body is made up of snakes, and all his avatars are snakes; even his realm is completely made of snakes. Obscure as gods go, he’s good friends with Bob, and surprisingly powerful considering his unusual make up. Most gods won’t even bother with him. As a favor to Bob, he helped defend the mansion from an attack by Berserker demons. Supposedly, if you talk to a snake and use his name, he’ll hear you. Surprisingly friendly. (First appearance: “Fearless”)


Bastet - A cat-headed Egyptian god, both a sun goddess and “avenger” god, she is apparently also an ex-wife of Bob’s. Their relationship is still amicable. (First mention: “Fearless”)


Kumiho - A Korean trickster god, she has some element of the succubus about her, only she feeds on energy rather than blood. She teamed up with Ares to destabilized the Earth plane, but double crossed Ares, and absorbed the energy of several other gods before adding Ares to her list .Bob absorbed her energy, effectively killing her. (First mention: “Fearless”)


Ares - The Greek god of war and Eris’s brother - and an arrogant blowhard - he worked with Kumiho to destabilize the Earth plane and bring back the return of the gods, but Kumiho double crossed him and left him to face his sister’s formidable wrath. Although he helped Bob find Kumiho, Kumiho killed him. (First mention: “Fearless”)


Moros - The Greek personification of doom, he is a mortally depressed god who supposedly never gets out of bed, just lays around his realm feeling sorry for himself. He has put Helga under his aegis several time as a favor to Bob, as he is technically immortal, and basically powerful enough to wipe out almost all the other gods. He’s just very depressed about it. Has been suicidal for several millennia, but his brother, god of death Thanatos, won’t let him die. (First mention: “Orpheus Ascending”)


Saddiq, “Saracen” - The oldest of the second wave of “Eden kids”, a constructed mutant with impenetrable skin (although adamantium seems to be their one weakness), he was one custom made to be a bodyguard for the king of Rhajan. Instructed to be devoted to his ruler from birth, he was also trained from birth to act as a weapon for his regent, leaving him with a sophisticated knowledge of hand to hand combat and martial art techniques, and absolutely zero knowledge of social interaction and a social life. Because of his age, he is the unofficial leader of the Eden kids, and because of his fighting efficiency, he’s been mentored by Logan, and has filled in for him in combat training. Rogue and Brendan - both of whom have a bit of a crush on him - have tried to help Saddiq adjust not only to being in the West and having a life he can call his own, but the results have been mixed at best. Even Scott fears he’s too rigid. He is currently on a sabbatical that Logan convinced h! im to go on, to try and figure out what he wants from his life beyond his programming, but it’s not working too well. (First appearance: “Falling Angels”)


Rags - A Cockney Persaid demon - Persaids being demons with yellow crystal eyes and generally absurd names, who are essentially “sponges” of negative energy, and generally smell like celery - he struggles with nearly chronic alcoholism and lives over a taco stand in downtown L.A., and yet is also the Hierophant (High Priest) of the Church of the Stone Temple, the Gorgon worshiping church. In his position as high priest, he has learned some helpful spells, including a teleportation one, and one that makes everyone within range drunk, but his most valuable ability is that of “calling” the Gorgons - they are among the very few gods who actually respond to their followers. Rags helps out Logan and Angel from time to time, but his accent is almost impenetrable, and he is almost never sober. (First appearance: “Falling Angels”)


Thrakazog - Rags’ best friend and drinking buddy, Thrak is an Ugg demon, which is - for all intents and purposes - a sentient pile of clear slime, who doesn’t so much talk as gargle in a grotesque fashion. Although he likes to sing, his singing is apparently lethal to some, and crippling to most, although it appears to have no effect on Rags. He works as a cab driver in Los Angeles, mostly catering to demon clientele, but supposedly his Human fares have never noticed what he is. (First appearance: “Falling Angels”)


Xia Zhang, “Atomic” - A mutant with the ability to project an indestructible force field all around her body, she was rescued by Logan when he was a member of the Organization, and brought in. His saving her from a mutant prison and his general protectiveness caused her to fall in love with him, even though he thought of her more as a daughter. After a mind wipe and the implantation of a harder, more amoral personality, Xia convinced Logan that she was his girlfriend, but she was unaware that Shrike had used her as a type of “trigger”, and her close proximity to Logan made his implants break down sooner, leading to an incident where Logan was almost killed in an explosion. Control informed her it was her fault he almost died, and when he was given a new personality imprint, she kept her distance, but never shook the guilt, or her love for him, no matter how misguided it was. Was afraid of Shrike. Married to Tom Quinn (Quake), she never told Logan about their physical rela! tionship, although he suspected she was keeping something from him. Eventually went rogue. Very emotionally fragile, when Tom was killed, she dropped her field and let herself be killed as well. (First appearance: “Falling Angels”)


Tom Quinn, “Quake” - A mutant with the ability to cause earthquakes, he was the son of an artist who came to marry Xia Zhang, “Atomic”, one of his Weapon X partners. Although he clearly loved her and took care of her even as her own power began to harmfully drain her resources, he was suspicious and slightly hostile towards Logan, mainly because he suspected that Xia loved him and wouldn’t admit it. He went rogue with his wife. Died fighting a demon god in a hell dimension. (First appearance: “Falling Angels”)


Clive Koslowski, “Spider” - A mutant with the ability to alter his own gravity field, high level agility, and compound insect eyes, he was considered Logan’s replacement in Weapon X for his sheer ruthlessness and killing ability. Mindfucked beyond the point of sanity, he used to be a British law student who was brought into the Organization against his will, and was a fellow victim of Shrike’s. Bob brought him back to himself, but once he realized what he’d done and how much of his life he had missed out on, he became very depressed. He tried to make a go of it at Xavier’s but couldn’t quite do it. Returning to Britain, he disappeared, and there’s some fear he may have committed suicide. He is still missing. (First appearance (unnamed): “Falling Angels”)


Cressida Santiago, “Chameleon” - A mutant whose form is almost literally liquid, she’s a shape shifter of a higher order than Mystique, capable of morphing into inanimate objects as well as a people. Her DNA was fatally unstable, although supposedly Weapon X temporarily stabilized it. Bob actually made it stable, and Cressida came to stay at the mansion. She annoyed Scott with her generally ruthless and bawdy nature, but the kids loved her. Investigating a strange incident with a loose X-Men team, she killed a group of Shafan fire demons who were trying to open up a dimensional portal, but doing so killed her. A note she left behind for Logan seems to indicate that there are clones and “hybrids” of most of the Weapon X team still existing, which gives him some hope that there’s another of her out there somewhere. (First appearance: “As Good As Dead”)


Keogh, “Timebomb” - A mutant with the strange and slightly limited ability of being able to telekinetically blow up heads, he was as arrogant as he was frightening, a willing recruit into the Weapon X program. Occasionally battling with Logan over who got to be team leader, he was unafraid of the Organization hierarchy, which is what eventually led to Control and Stryker ordering his assassination, although it was made to look like an enemy ambush. He was brought back in a cloned form, powers enhanced so he could blow up any biological material, but the Organization had little time to realize what a mistake they’d made when he went rogue and took many other Organization members and clones with him, forming a mutant terrorist group called Black Fire. After being altered to the group by Canadian Intelligence, Logan tracked him down and killed him, breaking up Black Fire in the process. It’s unknown if there are more clones out there. (First appearance: “As Good As Dead”)!


Juliet, “Inferno” - A mutant with the ability to conjure fire and control it (with an ironically chilly demeanor), she was a member of Weapon X. Exposure to a very radioactive site on a mission led to her contracting a fatal form of cancer. (First appearance: “As Good As Dead”)


Forajo - A gender neutral type of demon who can appear to be whatever it wants, he runs a New Age shop, and is a practicing wizard for hired. S/he has helped a reluctant but desperate Scott from time to time. (First appearance: “As Good As Dead”)


“Lightning” - A mutant with the ability to move at super fast speeds, he was on the Weapon X team, but met a tragic end in an explosion that nearly killed Logan as well. His real name has never been given. (First appearance: “As Good As Dead”)


Toshiro “Tony” Tagawa - A very wealthy businessman, Logan met him through Marcus, who often worked security for him overseas, as well as did a bit of industrial espionage for him. He splits his time between Tokyo and Vancouver, and has homes there and in Los Angeles. He seems to think highly of Logan, but he knew of his past as Logan Yashida without telling him, and when he used him as a weapon against the Yakuza, Logan lost his trust in him. Their relationship remains slightly frosty. (First appearance: “Gakido”)


Ehud - Tagawa’s personal bodyguard. He’s ex-Mossad and a man of very few words. Really not a guy you want to mess with. (First appearance: “Gakido”)


Yasha  aka  Mei Li Tai, “Lady Blood” - A notorious vampire created during the Opium Wars, killer of the entire Order of the Templars, she was eventually cursed by a sect of Buddhists to always want what she couldn’t have; desire without satiation. She went into hiding, but emerged in pursuit of a mythical sword, which Logan was also after at the time. They teamed up, and eventually fell into a loose sort of relationship. Acting as an aegis of Ammit, she killed Neb-er-tcher, but was killed in the process; still, since she was under the aegis of Ammit, she was still alive - in a sense - tethered to her realm. Her true death came when she willingly sacrificed herself to help Angel and Bob kill a vengeful Senior Partner. (First appearance: “Gakido”)


Cujo - A Persaid demon friend of Yasha’s in Tokyo, he was later killed by the Vantha, who sent Logan his severed head in a box. (First appearance: “Gakido”)


The Vantha - Vanth is the name of an Etruscan goddess of death, and a death cult that followed her called themselves the Vantha, although they kind of lost the plot as far as what she was about. Once summoned, Vanth killed them all. (First mention: “Gakido”)


Neimi Guerra, “Titan” - A mutant possessed of incredible physical strength, she’s usually teamed up with the much less smarter Ballistic. She’s full of herself, somewhat psychotic, and extremely dangerous. (First appearance: “Angels and Insects“)


Dorn, “Home Front” - A replacement for Control, who arranged the release and subsequent murder of Leonie. When he tried, with Delirium’s help, to reprogram Logan, he was killed by Jean/Camaxtli. (First appearance: “Angels and Insects“)


Leonie - A genetic amalgam of Logan and Sloane, she had both their powers but was 'overpowered' to a degree that would eventually prove fatal. She was shot and killed in front of Logan as a warning to him from the Organization that they could destroy anything of his any time they wanted. (First appearance: “The Falling Sky”)


Balor - A Celtic death god with a single massive eye that could kill you at a glance, the dimension he runs appears to be a the office from Hell. He has taken on the function of a bureaucrat. (First appearance: “The Falling Sky”)


Ammit - An Egyptian death god and “vigilante” god, a friend of Bob’s, her realm is surprisingly hedonistic, and he rebellious nature got her tossed out of the Ogdoad. She killed Seth, Osiris’s brother, although the credit traditionally falls to Osiris. She’s helped Bob out from time to time, and hosted Yasha in her realm for a time. (First appearance: “The Falling Sky”)